What do you mean by cloud federation stack

What do you mean by cloud federation stack?

ANS: Federation stack: Cloud federation requires one provider to wholesale or rent computing resources to another cloud provider. Those resources become a temporary or permanent extension of the buyer's cloud computing environment, depending on the specific federation agreement between providers. Cloud federation offers two substantial benefits to cloud providers. First, it allows providers to earn revenue from computing resources that would otherwise be idle or underutilized. Second, cloud federation enables cloud providers to expand their geographic footprints and accommodate sudden spikes in demand without having to build new points-of-presence (POPs).                                 
Fig. Cloud Federation Stack

Cloud Federation refers to the unionization of software, infrastructure and platform services from disparate networks that can be accessed by a client via the internet. The federation of cloud resources is facilitated through network gateways that connect public or external clouds, private or internal clouds (owned by a single entity) and/or community clouds (owned by several cooperating entities); creating a hybrid cloud computing environment. It is important to note that federated cloud computing services still rely on the existence of physical data centers.


  • The federation of cloud resources allows clients to optimize enterprise IT service delivery. 
  • The federation of cloud resources allows a client to choose the best cloud services provider, in terms of flexibility, cost and availability of services, to meet a particular business or technological need within their organization.
  • Federation across different cloud resource pools allows applications to run in the most appropriate infrastructure environments.
  • The federation of cloud resources also allows an enterprise to distribute workloads around the globe, move data between disparate networks and implement innovative security models for user access to cloud resources.

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