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Street (name, location, city)

Q. Consider the following relations with keys underlines-
Street (name, location, city)
House (number, street_name)
Lives (name, house_number)
Define the above relations as tables in DDL SQL making real world assumptions about the type of the fields. Define the primary keys and the foreign keys.


Table for relation “Street (name, location, city)” is-
create table Street
(name varchar2 (25) not null,
location varchar2 (28),
city varchar2 (20),
primary key (name));

Table for relation “House (number, street_name)” is-
create table House
(number int not null,
street_name varchar2 (25) not null,
primary key (number),
foreign key (street_name) references Street (name));

Table for relation “Lives (name, house_number)” is-
create table Lives
(name varchar2 (25) not null,
house_number int not null,
primary key (name),

foreign key (house_number) references House (number));