Open source software understanding


Open source softwares are softwares which are having following characteristics:
  1. Softwares are free of cost.
  2. Source codes free availability.
  3. Right to manipulate software.
  4. All users are having equal rights.
  5. All rights granted must flow through all redistributed versions,
  6. Use of open source software must not restrict user of other softwares (closed source software).

Some of the examples of open source softwares-
From Linux:

Other open source softwares are:
  1. ClamAV (Antivirus)
  2. MySQL (Database)
  3. PostgreSQL (Database)
  4. Asterisk (IP Communication)
  5. PostFix (Email service)
  6. Sendmail (Email service)
  7. Samba (File server)
  8. Apache (Web server)
  9. Tomcat (Java servlet container)
  10. Firefox (Web browser)


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