ISM Architectural Framework

RGPV: Informaiton Storage & Management: Unit 5


1.        users/Brokers:- They submit their service requests from anywhere in the world to the cloud


2.        SLA resource allocator:- It is a kind of interface between users and cloud service provider which enable the SLA-oriented resource management.


3.        Service request examiner and admission control:- It interprets the submitted request for QoS requirements before determining whether to accept or reject the request.


4.        Pricing: - It is in charge of billing based on the resource utilization and some factors. Some factors are request time, type etc.


5.        Accounting: - Maintains the actual usage of resources by request so that the final cost can be charged to the users.


6.        VM monitor: - Keeps tracks on the availability of VMs and their resources.


7.        Dispatcher:- The dispatcher mechanism starts the execution of admitted requests on allocated VMs.


8.        Service request monitor: - The request monitor mechanism keeps track on execution of request in order to be in tune with SLA.



Figure shows architectural framework of cloud computing:-



Fig. Architecture Framework






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