Hypertext Markup Language
Extensible Markup Language
HTML used to display data
XML used to describe data
Data stored in interior of HTML pages.
Can store data on separate file as well in HTML documents
HTML tags are pre-defined
XML tags are not pre-defined
HTML is not case sensitive.
XML is case sensitive.
HTML is a presentation language
XML is not a presentation language
In HTML, its not necessary to use a closing tag.
In XML, its necessary to use a closing tag.
HTML is static.
XML is dynamic.
HTML is static because used to display data.
XML is dynamic because used to transport data.
HTML does not preserve whitespaces.
XML preserve whitespaces.
HTML not needed database connectivity.
XML needed database connectivity.
HTML is a markup language
XML provide a framework to define markup language.
HTML mainly used for creating web pages.
XML mainly used for store and transport of data.
HTML stores files  with .htm or .html extension.
XML, stores files with .xml extension.
HTML works on browser.
XML stores data for easy manipulation and access.

HTML code:




XML code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Title>Web Engineering</Title>

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