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HTML Linking


HTML links, on click which send to another page is known as hyperlink.
When we move mouse on hyperlink, mouse arrow will change to a little hand.
A hyperlink can be a text, image or any HTML element.
HTML links are used with anchor tag ().

<a href="url/page path">Text for link</a>

For example:
<a href="">Home</a>

Output will look like

HTML links are of two types:
  1. Global links- a link to the another website called global link.
Example- <a href="">Java</a>

  1. Local links - a link to the same website called local link.
Example- <a href="Contact.html">Contact us</a>

Color of HTML links:
By default a HTML links have following colors-
  • Purple- visited link
  • Red- unvisited link
  • Blue- active link
But default colors can be changed.


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