Explain the key step in implementing cloud computing based application

Explain the key step in implementing cloud computing based application?


1. Are your applications ready to run in the Cloud?
Check first, is your application web-based, will benefit from cloud architecture, can you scale your present application in cloud. I f you getting all your answers in yes than your application is ready for run in cloud,

2. Will you be able to receive technical support for the service?
Before going to any cloud service make ensure that you are getting a technical support from cloud provider with no conditions of time.

3. Ownership and access of your data
Ensure first, from cloud provider that your data will be your, that’s your intellectual property. Of course hardware, pass, iaas will be of cloud provider.
So before undersign any contract make sure about your rights and ownership.

4. Fluctuating Data Volumes
Make ensure form the cloud provider if in future more space is needed than provider should be able to full fill that requirement.

5. Cost analysis
Cost saving is a strong key in cloud computing. So before going to any service do analysis in the market. If there is any better option available in respect to the cost.

6. Migration Strategy
User must be able to switch his application to another cloud if necessary. So it must be ensure before adopting any cloud will my application will be able to switch another cloud or it will get fully dependent on present cloud.

7. Dealing with Downtime

Never forget to take a SLA( Service time agreement), it will help to fight with problems if arises.

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