Deadlock recovery


Deadlock recovery is used to recover a system in its state, as it was before deadlock.

Real time operating system uses deadlock recovery. But as deadlock recovery is time and space consuming it is not deal with tradition operating system such as Windows.

There are two methods for deadlock recovery-
1) Killing the processes
2) Preemption of resource

1) Killing the processes-
We can kill the processes in following way to recover the system from deadlock.
  • Killing all the processes when system in deadlock.
  • Killing the processes one by one, and keep checking after each process whether system recover from deadlock. If system recover from deadlock stop killing of processes.

2) Preemption of resource-
In preemption of resources, we preempt the resource from the process which is in deadlock. Prempted resource allocated to another process so there is the possibility of recoverance from deadlock.


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