Create GIF making

Create GIF in WhatsApp (iPhone)


GIF {Graphics Interchange Format}

Step 1: In your mobile phone or any device open WhatsApp

Step 2: Now select the “Contact Number” as we select for sending normal messages.


Here I selected contact number of my friend “Piyush”, as you can see in below image.


Under contact you will find “Add attachment icon” , as we use to attach any file or video, see under image under red circled area. Attachment varies according to phone Android/Apple/BlackBerry etc.

Step 3: In attachment select video less than 6 second.

Step 4: Option to convert video to GIF is given in your screen.

Click on GIF.

Step 5: Then you have to select GIF

Step 6: Send it than.

Enjoy this GIF.

For any help use “contact tab” given in this website.

Thank You.





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