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Cloud Rudiments

RGPV: Cloud Computing: Unit 1





·        Here the higher level capabilities of the cloud is as follows:-

·        Resource Aggregation and integration



·        Resource Aggregation and integration


·        Cloud solution Integrates or aggregates the information of  These 3 resources which are shown in the above figure.


·        After That the integrated information will be sent into a central logical view.




Application Services:  here app services states that the services related to a particular s/w .


·        The Application instances represents the agreement between service provider and the consumer to use services on On- Demand basis.


·        Cloud also provides the facility of reservation of resources.


·        It means that it is guaranteed that at a given point of time the resources or the services will surely available for consumer.






Allocation Engine : The DRM provides the automated allocation and reallocations of resources.


·        The DRM is key component of any cloud solutions that maximize the efficiency of the IAAS.


·        The DRM is a Dynamic resource management.




Reporting and accounting: The actual resource allocation and the actual cloud usage will  be get recorded or collected in an accounting database.


·        The data will be available centrally to create reports of usage .


·        For example:-capacity allocated vs. capacity used by the consumer




Self-service:  We have discussed earlier that this a self service portal provided by the cloud.




Dynamic Workload management:  Here Cloud virtual machines are enabled with automated s/w’s that controls the workflow requests.


·        Also the virtual machines are enabled with a lifecycle that increase the effective utilization of resources.




Resource Automation: It clearly shows that the resources will automatically plus effectively utilized as and when they are required by the service consumers.




Metering of resources: With the help of the metering of resources in any cloud user organization would bring the transparency to the business and environment for the management to see the usage of  resources.