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Cloud Adoption

RGPV: Cloud Computing: Unit 1







 ·        Here Cloud means The environment of cloud where the cloud services are being operated.


·        Adoption term states that accepting the services of new Technology.


 ·        Adoption means following some kind of new trend or existing trend or a technology.


·        This Cloud adoption is suitable for low priority business applications.


·        Because as we have  already discussed that the cloud computing is not beneficial for long term projects.


 ·        It supports some interactive applications that combines two or more data sources.


·        These applications must having low availability requirements and short life spans.


·        For example:-if a marketing company requires to grow his business in the whole country in a short span of time then it must need a quick promotion or short promotion across the country.


·        Cloud Adoption is useful when the recovery management, backup recovery based implementations are required.


·        By considering the above key points we conclude that it is only suitable for the applications that are modular and loosely coupled.


·        It will works well with research and development projects.


·        It means the testing of new services ,design models and also the applications that can be get adjusted on small servers.


·        Applications which requires different level of infrastructure throughout the day or throughout the month should be deployed Through the cloud.


·        The applications whose demand is unknown can also be deployed using clouds.