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Application virtualizaiton

RGPV: Cloud Computing: Unit 3



·         Application Virtualization is software technology that encapsulates computer programs from the underlying operating system on which it is executed.


·         A fully virtualized application is not actually installed in the traditional sense, although it is still executed as if it is installed.


·         Business application runs on servers located in datacenter


·         Full application virtualization requires a virtualization layer. Application virtualization layers replace part of the runtime environment normally provided by the operating system. The layer intercepts all file & registry operations of virtualized applications and transparently redirects them to a virtualized location.




·         Applications delivered on demand

·         No need to install and manage on every user desktop

·         Increased performance

·         Easily upgraded and deliver instantly

·         Improved security, by isolating applications from the operating system.


·         Remote apps and server based computing

·         Connections to applications running in datacenter


·         Client based app virtualization

·         Virtualized applications on a local desktop or server

·         Run multiple versions of the same applications on the same desktop

·         Application interact as little or as much as you allow them to


·         Implementation of App Virtualization Technology

·         File I/O Redirection

·         Registry Redirection

·         COM Isolation

·         .NET Isolation

·         Service Isolation

·         Driver Isolation


·         Application Virtualization & Security

·         Improved security for the Operating System & other applications.

·         Application isolation allows insecure, incompatible apps to run safely.

·         Safe browsing

·         Provides ideal environment virus/malware testing







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