about block and file level storage virtualization

Write in brief about block and file level storage virtualization?
ANS:- Block level storage virtualization:- In block level storage system, raw block( storage volume) are created and each block can be controlled like an individual hard drive. Generally these block are controlled by the server based operating system. Each block or storage volume can be individually formatted with the required the system.
1.      The block level storage offers better performance  and speed compare to file level storage system.
2.      In each block or storage is treated as independent disk drive and are controlled by external server OS.
3.      The block level storage is popular in storage area network.
4.      It is more reliable.
File level storage virtualization:- A file level storage virtualization is the most comman strage system that we find with your hard drives,NASsytem etc.In this type of storage, the storage disk is configured with a particular protocol (like NFS etc) and file are stored and accessed from it as such, in bulk.
1.      The file level storage system is simple to implement and simple to use.

2.      It is used Network attached system.

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