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Requirements elicitation


Requirements elicitation means requirement gathering. 
Which is collection of the requirements of a system by communicating with users, customers, and other stakeholders.

Requirements elicitation methods:
  1. Survey/Questionnaire: Some questions are submitted to stockholders and their answers are recorded for analysis. 
  2. Document Analysis: Requirements are collected from old product documents.
  3. Interviews: Requirements are collected by oral or written interviews. Which can be one to one communication with stockholders. 
  4. Observation: By analyzing existing system and its working. 
  5. Brainstorming: From the discussion of stockholders than their discussion is analyzed.
  6. Prototyping: Collecting the feedback from users by providing demo product.

Requirements elicitation process:

Step 1: Collecting the requirements from all the possible sources.
Step 2: Selecting and prioritizing the requirements
Step 3: Removing ambiguity and conflict from requirements gather.
Step 4: Proper documentation of requirements finalized. 


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