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Concept of Binding


A binding is an association between a variable and its type or value.

Binding time is the time at which a binding takes place.

Bindings can take place at language design time, language implementation time, compile time, load time, link time, or run time.

For example,
Consider the following Java program:

int num;
num = num+ 10;

Compile time: The type of num is bound at compile time.
Compile time: The meaning of the operator symbol + is bound at compile time, when the types of its operands have been determined.
Compiler design time: The set of possible values of num is bound at compiler design time.
Compiler design time: The internal representation of the literal 10 is bound at compiler design time.
Run time: The value of num is bound at execution time with this statement.

Load time: A variable num be bound to a storage cell when the program is loaded into memory.
Link time: A call to a library subprogram is bound to the subprogram code at link time.


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