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PPL: C# Threads


MCQs on C# Threads

Q1. How many threads can exists for each of the processes that occurs in the program?
a) at most 1
b) atleast 1
c) both at most 1 & atleast 1

Q2. Which of these classes is used to make a thread?
a) String
b) System
c) Thread

Q3. Which of these method of Thread class is used to Suspend a thread for sometime?
a) sleep( )
b) terminate( )
c) suspend( )

Q4. On calling which type of method the newly created thread will not start executing?
a) Begin( )
b) Start( )
c) New( )

Q5. . Which is the first thread created inside a process ?
a) Beginning Thread
b) Main Thread
c) Both (a) and (b)

Q6. The _______ method is used to terminate the thread.
a) End()
b) Finish()
c) Abort()

Q7. Which state is also known as  ‘Ready To Run’ state?
a) Running State
b) Runnable State
c) Unstarted State

MCQs Answers

Q1. (c)
Q2. (c)
Q3. (a)
Q4. (b)
Q5. (b)
Q6. (c)
Q7. (b)